What is the Cost of Bean Bag Chairs?
Jan 2020

Are you a fan of bean bag chairs and interested in knowing their prices? Perhaps you are wondering why the prices of bean bag chairs change from time to time? If so, this guide will help you understand the cost of bean bag chairs and the factors that determine their prices.

There are several kinds of bean bags in the market produced by several manufacturers. Their prices can go from being low to very high and expensive and there are tangible reasons to back this up. The cost of a bean bag will largely depend on the bag’s quality and components used.

If you are looking to buy a bean bag chair in Toronto, you have to be able to find the perfect point between low and expensive bean bag chairs. This means that you have to understand the factors that go into determining this price. Keep reading to learn more about bean bag chair prices in Toronto.

The Cost of Bean Bag Chairs

The cost of bean bag chairs can go as low as $50 depending on the size, shape, and quality of the materials of the bean bag. This price range applies to bean bags that are not large and not very comfortable.

For very comfy bean bags that offer maximum comfort and durability, prices can go as high as $200. This may seem a bit on the high side. However, most of the time, with these chairs, this often equates to proper comfort and longevity.

Of course, these numbers aren’t just pulled from thin air. There are different factors that come into play to determine bean bag chair prices in Toronto.

Fabric Type

The type of fabric used in making a bean bag goes a long way in determining its overall price. Some fabric materials are better than others in terms of quality and comfort. These types of fabric will definitely be more expensive than others that are lower in quality.

However, this does not mean one should always go for a fabric type because it’s expensive. Expensive fabric may not always suit your unique needs. Below are a few materials used in making bean bag furniture.

  • Silk: This is a very good fabric for the job. It is very comfortable. However, it is very expensive and maybe tough to maintain.
  • Cotton: Cotton is an excellent bean bag material. It is affordable and comfortable. However, it quickly gets dirty because it absorbs liquid and other forms of dirt easily and does not dry up as fast.
  • Leather: As you may have guessed, leather offers comfort and is very tender on the body. However, just like silk, it is very expensive, if not more expensive. It may not be best for you if you have a pet or kids around.

Amount of Fabric

The next factor determining the cost of bean bag chairs is the amount of fabric used. You should know that the higher the amount of fabric, the higher the price. In the same vein, if the bean bag material is costly, then that means an even higher cost.

A large bean bag will make use of more fabric than a small one. Also, round bean bags make use of more fabric than square or rectangular.

This is because, for the round ones, the corners have to be cut to achieve the shape and this leads to waste of fabric.

Similarly, cheap bean bags may only make use of one fabric all through. But, the cost of quality bean bags is way higher because they have both inner and outer covers which make use of fabric.

The Zippers

Often, most people do not realize that the zipper can add to the cost of bean bag chairs. This is because the zippers are specially made for safety, protection, and to comply with federal standards.

So, while inferior options use plastic and cheap zippers, quality products make use of large and durable zippers which can influence the cost of a bean bag chair.

The Filling of the Bags

Bean bags may or may not come pre-filled. For instance, if you get your bean bags from traditional stores, they may be filled up and this affects the costs.

However, when ordered online, they are often not filled to reduce shipping costs. When they are filled, the cost of the bean bag rises as well.

Different fillings can be used for your bean bags. Cheap polystyrene beads that have been recycled can be used, even though they last for a short period. On the other hand, virgin polystyrene beads are of high quality, durable, and equally expensive. But, they will last for a long time. As such, this factor also affects the cost of a bean bag chair in Toronto.

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