What Is The Best Filling For Bean Bag Chairs?
May 2020

Bean bag chairs are affordable, exciting and comfortable. In fact, these chairs offer the best seating experience for both adults and young kids. With the best filling, you too can enjoy all of the benefits of using a bean bag chair. 

You see, there is more than just the design aspect of using a bean bag chair. Sure, these bags come in a variety of fun sizes and colours. However, there are different types of bean bag chair fillings. These bean bag fillers have a variety to them. In essence, this means they can determine how enjoyable your chair will be. 

With knowledge about the different types of bean bag fillings, you can decide which is best for your chair. In this blog, we will discuss the important details about different types of bag fillers. More importantly, we will show you how to decide which is best for you. 

Types of Bean Bag Chairs

In this section, we will explain how each type of bean bag chair is made. Also, we will discuss the features of each one that may make it the best option for your family. 

EPS Beads

EPS is perhaps the most common filler used for bean bag chairs in Canada. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a hard-celled plastic. Similar in structure to styrofoam, it is also used to make packaging material and disposable coffee cups.

EPS is a lightweight material with a unique ability to retain its form for a long time. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy its usage for several years. In the same vein, EPS beads are highly resistant to moisture and heat. This is a plus you can consider when choosing the best bean bag chair filling.

Finally, these beads are not biodegradable. In fact, they can be recycled and reused in a number of ways. You can dispose of them at a recycling centre near you. On the other hand, some people choose to use the beads as part of a potted plant project. 

EPP Beads

Expanded polypropylene is a type of bean bag filling that is common in Asia. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be the best bean bag filling for your chair. EPP beads are very strong and highly resilient. Even if they are crushed under heavy weight, the material quickly regains its original shape and size. Therefore, you can expect to enjoy the airy cushioning quality for a very long time.

If you are wondering if this is the best bean bag filler for your chair, it has other positive characteristics. These beads lose volume slowly compared to EPS beads. Additionally, their odour is negligible. However, the issue is that they are very susceptible to heat and fire. In the same vein, EPP beads degrade when exposed to oxygen. 


Micro-beads used to be popular as a type of bean bag filling. In fact, they were mostly used for neck pillows and throw pillows. Basically, they are extremely tiny pellets made from a material known as polyethylene. With their size ranging from 10 µm to 1 mm, it is easy to see why they are called micro-beads.

However, they are not a fixture in the bean bag industry anymore. In fact, we can say that these are not the best bean bag filler for you. Over the past couple of years, it has come to light that these fillers have been disposed of wrongly. Today, their vast concentration in many river bodies makes them an environmental hazard.

Memory foam

Commonly referred to as compressed foam, memory foam fillers have only just gained popular usage status. Nevertheless, most people that use memory foam fillers have a positive experience. In fact, most experts predict that memory foam fillers will see increased usage in the years to come. 

A unique production process peculiar to memory foam means this material has increased density and viscosity. Additionally, bean bag chairs made from memory foam are easy to transport. Therefore, they are the best bean bag chair filling in terms of portability. For transportation needs, they can be compressed to one quarter of their normal size. A memory foam filler is best used with leather and polyester covering. This way, you will be sure to enjoy the durable characteristic of this memory foam for a long time to come. 

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How Many Bags of Fillers do I Need For a Bean Bag Chair?

The amount of bean bag fillings that you need for your bean bag chair can be calculated with simple maths. All you need to know is the volume of your bean bags. For the best result, this value divided by 50,000 is the number of bags that you will need. If your calculated value is in decimals, simply round up. 

Which type Is the Best Filler for Bean Bag Chairs?

If you are wondering which type is the best bean bag filling, you may never get an answer. The simple truth is that there is truly no best option. Instead, you should consider where and how you are looking to use your bean bag chair. Additionally, consider the feel you want from your chair based on the features described above.

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