Understanding the Various Types of Bean Bag Chairs
May 2020

Today, bean bag chairs are a cultural icon in Canada. However, not all chairs are equal. The same applies to bean bags. There are different types of bean bag chairs, each one suitable for a unique need. To enjoy maximum support and comfort from your chair, it is important that you understand the different types available. This way, you will be able to make sure that you buy the best bean bag chair

Created in the late sixties in a bid to appeal to the flower power gen, bean bag chairs are now being used by everyone. While many people think of them as novelty decor pieces, these chairs offer benefits that transcend functionality, sleep, health and work. 

As the leading online store in Canada, we understand the peculiarities of different types of bean bag chairs. Are you trying to decide on the best bean bag chair for you? Keep reading to understand the different models and sizes of bean bags.

Types of Bean Bag Chairs in Canada

When explored extensively, the number of styles to bean bag chairs is immeasurable. Like clockwork, each manufacturer is always trying to outdo the other with new styles and looks. However, most of these offerings can comfortably fit into five categories. The different types of bean bag chairs are:

  • Round chairs 
  • Gaming chairs 
  • Square chairs 
  • Body chairs 
  • Novelty chairs

Keep reading as we explore these categories.

Round chairs

These bean bag chairs are exactly what they sound like — circular. They are usually spread out like a ball. Round bean bags are the most common type of bean bag chairs. This is because they have a wide range of applications.

Round chairs can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, entertainment rooms and offices. Compared to other types of bean bag chairs on this list, these chairs don’t provide a lot of support for the back and arms. However, they are still extremely comfortable.

Square chairs

Shaped like a square, these bean bag chairs can be likened to a modern-day recliner. Typically, they come outfitted with both armrests and backrests. Therefore, you can rest assured of the highest level of support for your body.

Square bean bag chairs are highly recommended for adults. The level of support they offer is great for overall health. However, they can also be used by children and younger kids.

Gaming chairs

Gaming culture seems to have transcended the furniture industry. Of the different types of bean bag chairs available in Canada, gaming chairs are perfect for people who get a lot of screen time. Mostly, they are designed like computer chairs. As a result, they offer the highest level of support for the neck, arms and back.

The brilliant fusion of tech with human existence is evident in gaming chairs. Typically, this type of bean bag chair comes equipped with speakers that can be synced up with a console or TV. Therefore, you can enjoy surround sound while sitting in absolute comfort!

Body chairs

Lying down is perhaps the highest form of relaxation. Thankfully, there are bean bag chairs that are designed to allow you to lie down in comfort. Generally, they are very long and can also seat multiple individuals at the same time.

When discussing different types of bean bag chairs, it is important to note that body chairs are different from oversized chairs. Oversized chairs are larger versions of the aforementioned round body bags. On the other hand, body chairs have a shape that is reminiscent of a rectangle.

Novelty chairs

In terms of design, novelty chairs are the ultimate. This type of bean bag chair comes in a variety of styles depending on your decor needs. Typically, they are designed to take the shape of any item.

For example, novelty bean bag chairs can come in the shape of an aeroplane, a car or even a football. Made mostly for kids, they also offer high-level support and comfort. The aesthetic appeal is another plus that should always be considered! 

Types of Bean Bag Chairs: Available Sizes

Mostly, bean bag chairs come in a wide range of sizes. Depending on the type of chair you want and the intended usage, you can choose a chair that will conveniently accommodate you.


Some of the best bean bag chairs are adequately sized to cater to your kids. Unless you have a small size, they are not designed to accommodate adults. Typically, these chairs measure between 110-120 inches. 

Young teen

Just like there are types of bean bag chairs for kids, we have adequately sized chairs for young teens. They won’t be comfortable for anyone taller than 5’2”. However, they measure between 130-140 inches and are the perfect seat for young, growing teens.


If you are an adult in search of the best bean bag chair for office and home needs, then go with these adult-sized versions. Majorly, they can accommodate people that are up to 6’2” in height.

Most of the adult type bean bag chairs available come with sufficient back and neck support. Whether you need one for office or entertainment needs, you will be able to comfortably sit in one.


If you are large-sized, or you need more space for yourself, oversized bean bag chairs are the perfect fit. Typically measuring over 180 inches in circumference, they are the largest type of bean bag chairs available in the market. They are a great option for exceptionally tall adults. 

Types of Bean Bag Chairs Fillings

Different types of bean bag chairs are filled with various stuffings. Often, these stuffing materials determine the convenience and durability of your bean bag chair. 


Shredded polyurethane is the type of foam used in most bean bag chairs. It’s the same type of stuffing used for couches and recliner chairs. Bean bag chairs with foam are cost-effective and get the job done.

Mostly, this kind of stuffing is present in bean bags that look like your normal chairs. Also, shredded polyurethane is very firm compared to other types of bean bag chair stuffings.


This type of filling is mostly found in round bean bag chairs. It looks like tiny beads. However, they are designed to wrap around your body when you sit on a bean bag chair. Therefore, they provide a high level of support and comfort.


Just like polystyrene stuffing, polypropylene beads look like tiny beads. However, they function differently. Polypropylene bean bag stuffing can contract, expand and collapse when you use your chair. This unique ability makes it the most comfortable type of stuffing for bean bag chairs. 

Need Bean Bag Chairs in Canada?

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