How To Refill Your Bean Bag Chair in Canada
Apr 2020

Knowing how to refill your bean bag chair is important because they can get flattened over time. Without a doubt, bean bag chairs are amazing to seat in and offer so many health benefits. However, no matter how much care you give to the bean bag chairs in your Canadian homes, they will eventually get flattened.

However, this is no reason to part with the chairs that you love. Instead of trying to buy a new bean bag chair, you can refill the old one and keep on using it. Refilling your bean bag chairs can seem like a very complicated process. In reality, it is a simple process that you can handle yourself. In this blog post, we are going to give you all the information on how to refill your bean bag chairs conveniently.

In Canada, bean bag chairs have become very popular furniture in many homes. They’ve quickly become the more popular choice for sitting and relaxing at home, in the office and everywhere. Now what this means is that with frequent use, after a couple of years, your bean bag chairs may not be as plump as you want. This may be because the chair fillers may have flattened. It may also be that some of the fillers have found their way out of the chair.

Whichever the case, you can learn how to refill your bean bag chairs and we are going to show you in detail. But before that, let us look at the various types of bean bag chair fillers in existence.

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Types of Bean Bag Chair Fillers

There are different types of fillers that you can use to refill bean bag chairs. Mostly, you should only replace the fillers in your chair with the same type.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

This type of filler looks like Styrofoam, the material that is used in coffee cups. EPS is one of the most used materials in bean bag chairs because it is non-biodegradable and lasts for a long time.

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

These look a lot more like plastic beads. The advantage of EPP over expanded polystyrene is that it is more resistant to weight and gravity. However, this doesn’t mean that EPP fillers do not lose their volume or get flattened too.

Foam Beads

This type of filler is made from different types of foam with the most popular choice being memory foam. Foam beads can be very comfortable and can easily take the shape of the body.

Natural Fillers

There are fillers made from natural materials. In the past, bean bag chairs were made from dried beans and grains. These materials are still being used in bean bags today. Sometimes, sand and small pebbles are used. However, it is important to know that bean bags surge natural fillers are not very common.

How To Refill Your Bean Bag Chair

Let us quickly dive into the details of how to refill your bean bag chair.

Prepare the fillers

Depending on whether you want to completely refill your bean bag or you just want to top it up, you may have to check for the existing filler material in the bean chair. Then you have to buy the type of bean bag chair filler that matches the existing one. If you are completely refilling your bean bag chair, then it does not matter which you buy. You can buy any bean bag chair filler of your choice.

Inspect your bean bag chair

Part of learning how to refill your bean bag chair is making sure that there are no holes or rips in your bean bag chair. If there are, mend those first. Inspect the seams and lining material of the bean bag chair, fixing all possible tears and weak points.

Open the bean bag chair.

To do this, you have to first locate the zip that opens the covering of the bean bag chair. When you find the zip, simply pull on it to open the covering. Sometimes, you may find that the zip has nothing to pull. Attach a safety pin through the hook, and pull on that to open it. In most cases, there will be another bag inside. Be sure to use caution when opening the zip.

Take out the old filling

If you want to completely refill your bean bag chair, then you’d have to empty the old filling. To do this simply pour out the content of the bean bag into a garbage bag. Try to not spill it as it can be a hassle to clean. If you’re just replacing part of your fillings, then ignore this step.

Fill the bean bag

When doing this, you have to be careful that you don’t spill the filling. If you can, get a friend to help. Now what you want to do is carefully pour the contents of the filler bag into your bean bag. You mustn't overfill your bean as that may make it uncomfortable. Remember, it is easier to add more filling than to reduce it.

Close the zip

Once you are done filling your bean bag to your satisfaction, securely close the zipper of the inner bag and remove the safety pin. Then, close the zipper of the outer bag and take out the safety pin too. And then you’re good to go!

Final Take

We hope you see now that learning how to refill your bean bag chair is not a difficult task. With the tips we have given you, it is even more straightforward. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need to and share these tips with your friends!

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