Are Bean Bag Chairs Safe For Kids?
Mar 2020

In Canada, getting a bean bag chair that matches the needs of your toddlers is a vital concern. You do not want to fill your house with wooden chairs with edges that may hurt your kids. Additionally, the overall safety and comfort of a young child are of utmost importance. This is why many homeowners in Canada look towards bean bag chairs to satisfy the sitting needs of their kids.

Most people in Canada wrongly assume that a bean bag chair offers nothing but aesthetic appeal. These chairs are also hugely comfortable and easy to use for kids. With bean bag chairs in your home, your kids can rest comfortably without the fear of having neck strains or hurting their bodies. Whether you buy a bean bag chair from an online store or physically, you can expect to enjoy maximum relaxation.

However, as comfortable as bean bag chairs are, are they entirely safe for kids or are there some things homeowners should look out for? It is important to consider how safe a bean bag chair is, especially for kids. In this article, we will make use of our experience and expertise to evaluate the safety of bean bag chairs for kids. More importantly, we will explore the safety tips that can help you keep your kids safe when using bean bag chairs.

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Is A Bean Bag Chair Safe For My Kids?

The aspect of safety is an important one when it comes to using a bean bag chair in Canada. Most times, they tend to get children excited and attract their attention. Since they are fluffy and easy to climb, they are go-to spots for children to relax and play around. While this aesthetics appeals to kids, it also creates an area of concern for the parents. As such, buying a bean bag chair from an online store in Canad has to be done with proper consideration for safety factors.

For the most part, bean bag chairs are safe for kids. These chairs have a tender surface which eliminates the fear of kids getting injured by the sharpness of edges and so on. Also, they have a large surface area. As such, your kids can easily rest, sleep, or play without the fear of tripping over and falling down.

With the portability of bean bag chairs, you can easily move it away from areas where the sun is intense. This is unlike other kinds of chairs that may be complicated to move. You can place a bean chair almost anywhere in your house. This way, you can oversee your kids while they play or sleep. This makes it convenient for you to prevent your kids from getting sunburns while playing.

However, there are still some safety considerations that have to be made. For instance, putting a kid to sleep on a surface as soft as that of a bean chair is not the best option. This is because the chairs are very soft and can cause suffocation. If the chair is big enough, the chances of suffocation increase.

Not to worry, there is a simple fix that can reduce the possibility of this happening. When buying a bean bag chair from an online store, be sure to buy one that won’t deny your child access to air. Instead, buy one that comes with a recommended cushion. These cushions, although soft, are flat and will prevent the possibility of suffocation.

It is true that many of the newer bean chairs have upgraded their safety features. However, it still remains advisable that you restrain from letting your kids sleep on bean bag chairs unless they have a firm structure. With a firm structure, you can lay your kids flat on their backs to sleep without any safety complications.

Finally, it is important that you regularly clean your bean chair if it is to remain safe for your kids. A dirty chair is not safe, as the dirt and debris may become irritants to the skin. This can easily affect your kids especially if they have sensitive skin. These contaminants may also induce allergies and respiratory problems in kids.

If you are buying a bean bag chair from an online store in Canada, it is important that you consider the following safety tips:

  • You should ensure the chair you buy is fit for the kids you are buying it for. You can't buy adult-sized chairs for kids
  • Buy a high-quality bean bag chair.
  • Chairs with zippers can be easily unzipped by kids putting them at the risk of inhaling inner fillings. If your chair has a zipper, remove it as soon as possible.
  • Look for chairs that have removable inner liners that are washable.
  • Always ask what the filling materials are. These materials determine how portable the chairs will be. Chairs with dried beans or PVC pellets are excellent for naps and sitting needs.
  • In order to avoid choking hazards, always purchase chairs that have separate interior liners that hold the pellets.
  • Always clean your bean chairs regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris.

Final Take

Getting the right bean bag chair in Canada can be a guarantee of safety for your kids. As long as you take note of the material, sizing and other factors explained above, you and your kids are good to go. Are you looking to buy a bean bag chair from an online store in Canada? Here at Bean Bag Comforts, we have an extensive collection of variants for kids. Look through our online store or speak with our experts today!

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